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Łukasz is a photographer full of ideas, he is creative and patient and IT specialist. He is passionate about abstract, portrait and landscape photography as well as subjective document and loves analogue and digital photography. He is a graduate of Academy of Photography in Warsaw. He learnt in Academy of Photography from Adam Pańczuk, Dawid Gąsiorek, Igor Omulecki, Jakub Hajduk, Karol Grygoruk, Maciej Stępiński, Oskar Nawotka, Paweł Bownik, Piotr Janowczyk, Paweł Księżopolski, Patryk Karbowski, Tymon Nogalski, Witek Orski among others, and with Łukasz Smudzinski he mastered the basics of exhibiting photographs in a gallery and learnt about the types of photo paper. He got acquainted with the history of photography with Joanna Kinowska. Łukasz is a member of The Royal Photographic Society. In 2016 he was honorable mention the IPA 2016 (International Photography Awards) and TFA 2016 (Tokyo Foto Awards) in the Beauty and Fashion categories. In 2017 he was honorable mention the IPA 2017 (International Photography Awards) in the Beauty, Fashion and in the "In progress - diff" book - self-publishing category.

I'm also interested other type of photography:

- subjective document
- portrait
- fashion portrait
- landscape
- abstract

Honorable mention:

- International Photography Awards 2017; book
- International Photography Awards 2017; beauty
- International Photography Awards 2017; fashion
- International Photography Awards 2016; beauty
- International Photography Awards 2016; fashion
- Tokyo International Foto Awards 2016; fashion


- In progress; diff - subjective document about differences arround us; 2017

Upcoming publications:

- In progress; spaces (previous title mountains) - subjective document about space in our life 2018
- In progress; from Karpathos to Zakynthos - subjective document about two opposing Greek islands; 2019/2020
- In prograss; destroy - subjective document about destroyed things inscribed in nature; 2019
- In progress; feeling of woman - subjective document about woman and feelings; 2019/2020

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RPS since 22/07/2017


Analogue, Creative Eye, Landscape


Analogue, Creative Eye, Landscape