Environmental Bursary

The Royal Photographic Society in partnership with The Photographic Angle offers two, one-year bursaries to support a photographic project that will promote environmental awareness.

This bursary is now closed.  Please email learning@rps.org if you would like to be notified when it opens in again in 2018.

Applications are invited from anyone living or studying in the United Kingdom with a talent for taking photographs and an interest in the environmental concerns that we face today.

The bursaries provide £3000 to assist with travel expenses, photographic equipment and other project-related costs. 

There are two awards for applicants aged 16-30 and 31+ years.   The winners of both Awards are given the opportunity to have a portfolio of their work printed by Metro Imaging.

We look for a creative interpretation of the subject as well as documentary and editorial photography.

The successful applicant is expected to deliver a 500 word report and 6 images, 6 months into the project. The final report needs to be 1000 words with 10 images, along with an agreement to give a talk or workshop on their project at an RPS event. Although this is a photographic bursary, it is important that applicants can express their objectives and outcomes in written form. 

Applicants have to supply a clear breakdown on how they plan to spend the bursary, the time scale and what they plan to do with the work on completion.  Although the work will be published in the RPS Journal and The Photographic Angle and RPS websites we look for applicants who have a clear idea of where and how they will use their images to get their messages across to as wide an audience as possible.

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Charlotte Sams
Charlotte Sams
16-25 years old category

Marcus Doyle
Marcus Doyle
26+ years old category
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Environmental McFetridge

2016 Winner over 30s category

Alan McFetridge - at a time when CO2 levels in the atmosphere are already at their highest levels in 400,000 years, McFetridge looks at big polluters tar sand refineries.

Oct 2017
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Carl Bigmore and Hanna-Katrina Jedrosz

2016 Winner under 30s category

Carl Bigmore and Hanna-Katrina Jedrosz - update us on their project on the Fennoscandian and Baltic sections of the European Green Belt.

Sep 2017
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Success Stories

Success Stories

RPS Journal April 2017

We catch up with two previous Environmental Awareness Bursary recipients, Toby Smith and Mandy Barker, and hear how the awards helped them in their career.

Apr 2017
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Kieran Dodds

2015 Winner over 30s category

Kieran Dodds - updates us on his project focusing on the church forests of Ethiopia

Jul 2016
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Anchevskaya and Nikolov

2015 Winners - both categories

From June 2016 of The RPS Journal

The 2015 winners, Kieran Dodds (over 30) and Ekatrina Anchevskaya and Aleksandar Nikolov (under 30), tell us about the projects they completed with the financial support of the Society and its partners.

Jun 2016
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Clifton Cameras Jan 2017