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Good Picture 2018 tickets now available

Tickets are now available for the ever-popular Good Picture symposium, taking place in London on 8th December.

Added by SIG: Imaging Science on 16 Jul 2018

June Favourite


Modified on 3 July


A few words about the Picasso Museum photo. On a Saturday morning about a month ago, I was sitting in one of the rooms on the upper floors of the Picasso museum in Paris, contemplating the painting you can see in the picture. An elderly lady with – possibly - her son and daughter entered the room. They spoke Japanese. The elderly lady was speaking rather loudly, causing other visitors to turn round in surprise. The young man gestured for her to keep her voice down. She didn’t take any notice of him. All of a sudden, she spotted the painting, marched up up to it, removed her sunglasses and fell silent in admiration. She then peered at the exhibition card. She seemed to have some difficulty reading the card and had to get up very close, striking – as someone mentioned – a Picasso-esque pose. I saw an opportunity, brought my camera to my eye and ....snap... A few seconds later, I would have missed the shot. After a few moments, she went on to inspect the other works, talking as loudly as before, followed closely by the young man, still gesturing to her, to keep her voice down. A little while later, in a different room, I was looking at Picasso’s famous Weeping Woman which has some vivid blue and red colours. While I was looking at it, a lady dressed in blue and red came and stood by the painting with her back to me. Fortunately, I didn’t miss that one either but it won’t be in black and white. By the way, the Picasso museum is in the Le Marais district of Paris a wonderful area for anyone interested in street photography.
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Added by Chapter: Switzerland on 16 Jul 2018

In Focus Friday - The orphans

In this series of blog posts we aim to educate RPS members and the public about documentary photography. Each week we take a look at strong images from Documentary Group members to provide an insight into the thought processes which went into making them.

Added by SIG: Documentary on 13 Jul 2018

Extended dates announced for the IPE 160 exhibition in Bath

We are excited to announce that Art at the Heart, in the Royal United Hospital, Bath, have invited the RPS to display the IPE 160 exhibition, which is currently in their central corridor, for a further 8 weeks.

Added by Region: Headquarters on 13 Jul 2018

My unique entry into the profession of Medical Photography Afzal Ansary ASIS FRPS

My unique entry into the profession of Medical Photography

Added by SIG: Medical on 12 Jul 2018

Helen Pankhurst

We're thrilled that Helen Pankhurst is supporting our Hundred Heroines campaign.

Added by Region: Headquarters on 12 Jul 2018

Jury for Hundred Heroines

We're thrilled to reveal the Chair of the jury for Hundred Heroines.

Added by Region: Headquarters on 11 Jul 2018

Introducing our Instagram pages

Contemporary photographers make visual statements on any subject, emphasising sets of images. We have extended our social media presence with a new Instagram account where group members and non-members work can be featured.

Added by SIG: Contemporary on 10 Jul 2018

ADVANCES Science reveals hidden daguerrotype images

Scientists are using x-ray fluorescence to reveal daguerrotype images that have been lost to corrosion and tarnish that chemistry cannot remove.

Added by SIG: Imaging Science on 10 Jul 2018

Who is your Heroine?

With six days to go until the nominations for Hundred Heroines open, it’s time to think about who you’d like to see honoured.

Added by Region: Headquarters on 10 Jul 2018